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Transport yourself  to the destination of your choice and feel the full effect of that sintilating city.

Aromatic rose blend in Paris Nights cannabis vape pen from Roam Escapes
Vibant berry twist in NYC Hustle, Roam's cannabis vape pen for focus
Hint of tropical fruit in Rio Soul - Roam's cannabis vape pen

bali bliss


There’s nothing quite like the magic of Bali. Whisk yourself away to an exotic paradise and lose yourself in the magic of mellow.

The Blend:

This high CBD, natural terpene fruit punch and citrus blend will transport you to a hammock and palm tree in no time.

The effect:

Bali Bliss is nothing short of chill, perfect for relaxing afternoons, Sunday sessions or whenever a little slice of paradise calls.

The facts:

Pen contains 500mg of premium cannabis oil.

Soft touch, pre filled pen with ceramic core.

Lab tested extensively throughout the process