Self Care is Sexy

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Roam's First Solo Date Night: Bliss Edition

We here at Roam are all about using weed for wellness, so we're kicking off our SELF CARE IS SEXY series with our first Solo Date Night guide. We'll be providing you with practical guidelines on how to romance yourself with a little cannabis as your aid. For this Solo Date Night, we're going full-on unwind. But instead of a bottle of wine that'll leave you feeling awful the next morning, our beverage of choice is our new Iceland Ease tea blend. All the relaxing benefits with none of the hangover. Just out here trying to keep you cozy, healthy, and cared for with cannabis. Read on to make it happen.

What You Need

  • Time. Put this night in your calendar and treat it like you’d treat any meeting or appointment. No last minute cancellations allowed!

  • Takeout (of the healthy variety). For this Bliss addition, we recommend picking up or ordering in instead of cooking for yourself. Skip the Pad Thai and opt for a healthier option so you can really feel restored.

  • Tea. Prepare for relaxation with Roam’s Iceland Ease tea sachets. Created to add relief to your day, this wellness blend consists of rooibos, tulsi, lavender, cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, cannabis and stevia.

What You Do

Set the Tone // Create the Vibe

Create some space for your Solo Date Night. Taking some steps to prep can transition you from a “doing” mindset to a “being” mindset. We know that “doing” mindset can be hard to shake so here are some tips.

1. Burn Baby Burn

Light up a candle, incense, or some sage. Lighting a fire helps change the energy in a room and burning sage actually uses smoke to cleanse the air. Whatever your method, set an intention when you initially light it. “That I would treat myself with tenderness and sweetness tonight” or “That the love I create for myself tonight will radiate within and outward” are good starting points if you’re drawing a blank, but follow your gut if something bubbles up for you.

This is a good time to put on a playlist as well. A little music helps change the energy of the room and can switch you into Me Mode. Check out our emails for tracks we love or put on your go-to. Feeling stuck? Nina Simone Radio on your streaming options is always a safe bet for dreamy, relaxing vibes or check out Haley Heynderickx’s album “I Need to Start a Garden” for something slow and ethereal if you need to be in your feelings for a bit.

2. Clear Space (Physically & Mentally)

Decide where you’re setting up. This’ll depend on who you’re sharing space with. Is it the living room? Bedroom? Your car? Okay, probably not. But wherever you choose, set a ten minute timer to get things in order. Be sure to set that timer so you don’t spend all night cleaning!

Take another five minutes to write out a quick to-do list for the next day or look over tomorrow’s agenda. That way when you begin your relaxation ritual, you’re not stuck with the guilt of “Uh oh, am I neglecting something? What am I forgetting to take care of?” Usually the thing you’re forgetting to take care of is YOU, so set yourself up for success.

When your physical and mental space is clear, you’ll be able to get your self-romance going way easier.

3. It’s a Date Night After All

We highly recommend fresh cut flowers for your Solo Date Night. Hopefully you’re squeezing in a weekly trip to the farmer’s market and can pick some up, but grocery store flowers and wildflowers also very much fit the requirement.

Slip into something more comfortable. Whatever lounge clothes make you feel cozy and elegant are the best bet. So sure, that could be your fave workout leggings or grey sweatpants, but braid your hair or tie it back with a silk scarf. Also recommended: sheer, flowy dresses or silk sleep sets. Makeup requirements? Washed face, lip balm, and eye cream. All set.

4. Snuggle Up & Sip

Get your favorite blanket out, get the pillows just right. We overlook these momentary comforts often, but they're vital for optimal pampering and restoration.

Have a drink. While a bottle of wine is often the go-to date drink of choice, for your Solo Date Night, we recommend something that'll help you replenish instead of deplete. This is a job for none other than Roam’s Iceland Ease tea. Our tea will help you settle in with 13mg of CBD per sachet and works for your health by combining the potent anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric, tulsi, rooibos and cannabis. Slip into the healing hot springs of Iceland and let the day melt away.

Suggestion: mix in some local honey, especially if you have allergies. Exposing your body to allergens from the inside out teaches it that these things are okay and alleviates seasonal allergies.

5. Netflix & Spill

Two of our favorite activities for this Bliss edition of Solo Date Night are good ol’ fashioned watching TV and (way more importantly) journaling. Sometimes a “time-wasting” TV show or movie is an awesome way to decompress, but it doesn't mean you have to skip the part where you self-reflect and show yourself some love through doing some good ol’ fashioned emotional work.

We recommend starting with the "spill" part. If you don't have a journal already, IT'S TIME. Journals are sacred and private spaces for you-time in a world full of time for other stuff and people. And yes, we’re giving you prompts.

We're with you—sometimes these things can feel a little cheesy, but TRUST US. If you can get past the part of you that wants to roll your eyes or skip this part of date night and leave it for other people, these little cheeseballs can really make an impact on how you start to see yourself and your life.

  • Who am I apart from my relationships and accomplishments? What qualities do I have within me that are intrinsic to me, not validate from elsewhere?

  • What are three ways I mistreat myself (whether that’s self-shaming, negative self-talk, or pressuring myself to do more)? How could I practice more kindness toward myself?

  • What are two sources of joy in my life (people, places, or activities)? How could I make a little more space for one of them in my week this week?

Phew, you did it. The sappy part’s over. Now put on Grace and Frankie and kick your feet up. You deserve it.